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Support Group

Thank you to the following people and organisations for their support of the Rock Circus

  • Penny and John Newboult. (Penny is secretary of Box Rock Circus)

  • Marcus Mitchell  Project Manager and Stone Mason

  • Carol Payne  sculptor - Millennium sculpture in Lacy Wood, Box

  • Box Parish Council
    • Pauline Lyons (Chairman)
    • Sid Gould (Chairman Playing fields)
    • David Murray (Vice Chairman)
    • Elaine Savage - artist and sculptor - Origami II, Neston Park Farm Shop

  • Box Natural History and Archaeological Society
    • Roger and Jenny Eaton (Roger is treasurer of Box Rock Circus)
    • Brian Hatton
    • Gilly Potts

  • Box School  Tim Walton, Chair of Governors

  • The Green Room - Box Youth Group
    • Bob Hancock
    • Bill Cotton
    • Kath Morris

  • Box WI  - Irene Hargrave

  • Boxlea WI  - Kathryn Barstow

  • Diamond Jubilee Committee  - Clair Southgate

  • Earthlearningidea team
    • Chris King, Professor of Earth Science Education, Keele University, Director of the Earth Science Education Unit
    • Peter Kennett, Earth Science Education Unit, Keele University

  • Martin Devon  Structural Engineer - for his advice, calculations, tolerance, patience and enthusiastic support!