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Photo Gallery: Rock Circus complete, making good the surrounding area
Visitors - Box Pre-School Playgroup, Box School, Sorigny

Completed Circle - August 2012


Fossil rubbing block

Silurian andesite lava

Devonian Old Red Sandstone

Carboniferous tropical limestone

Triassic New Red Sandstone

Sedimentary climbing block 1

Sedimentary climbing block 2

Sedimentary climbing block 3

Sedimentary climbing block 4

Crystalline climbing block 1

Crystalline climbing block 2

Crystalline climbing block 3

Crystalline climbing block 4

Making good surrounding area - October 2012

Topsoil added and smoothed

Area grass-seeded

Box Pre-School Playgroup


Jumping from the Old Red Sandstone

On the sedimentary climbing block

Investigating the slate house

Everyone found Mr. Hardyse

Fossil tree bark was popular

Popular fossils

Fossil rubbings

Starfish and ammonite

More star fish

Box School

Visitors from Sorigny, France