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Photo Gallery Week 3: 30th July - 3rd August 2012

DAY 10: Marcus, Callum & base of the obelisk

Marcus, Callum & the obelisk

Moving the base of obelisk

Obelisk base (Box Ground, Jurassic limestone)

The middle block of the obelisk

Moving the block

Nearly in position

Drilling the fixing holes

DAY 11Marcus & 3 blocks for obelisk

Lewis bolt to lift block

Callum, Marcus & Martin - discussion

Pyramid takes shape on top block

Carving the top of obelisk

Shaping the top pyramid of obelisk

Top block of obelisk - taking shape

DAY 12Quarry blocks arrive

Fixings discussion

Fixing pins in Silurian block

Mark (Prompt Transport) & Devonian block

Dave (Hazell Construction) moves Devonian block

Arrival of the obelisk

Positioning Silurian block

Lining pins up with holes

Silurian block in place

Securing Silurian block

Putting glue in fixing holes

Lining up pins with holes

Martin and Callum hold pins in Devonian block

Lowering Devonian block

Securing Devonian block

Arrival of climbing blocks

Moving sedimentary block

Sedimentary climbing block

Crystalline climbing block in place

Two pieces of obelis

Fossil rubbing ‘table’ arrives

Fossil rubbing ‘table’ in place

Marcus on the ‘table’

Top of obelisk

Callum - finishing touches to obelisk

Fixing the Carboniferous block

Fixing the Triassic block

Triassic sandstone block

Making the Triassic block vertical

All blocks fixed on site!

DAY 13: Marcus finishing the sedimentary block

Sedimentary climbing block

Our first visitors

Inspecting the sedimentary block

Stone dust on fossil ‘table’

Investigating a volcanic bomb

The sedimentary block

Trying out stone mason skills

DAY 14: The Fossil rubbing ‘table’

The fossil rubbings