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Photo Gallery Week 2: 23rd - 26th July 2012

DAY 6: Marcus & Box Ground for obelisk

Hartham stone for fossil rubbing table

Marcus & Jethro on site

Granite setts edging the circle

Jethro & granite setts - end of day

DAY 7: More scalpings

Elizabeth & Penny - circle for quarry block

All installations marked

Ready for concrete bases

DAY 8: Jethro & Marcus - checking the levels

Holes for pins on quarry block

Three bases ready

The rest of the bases

Marcus, Tosh & fossil rubbing block

Fossil rubbing block

Jethro & the whacker

End of Day 8

DAY 9: Tosh adjusting the saw

‘Table’ about to be cut

Cutting the block

Cutting the block
Tosh levers the end off

Moving the block for the obelisk

Box Ground for the obelisk