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Photo Gallery Week 1:16th - 20th July 2012

DAY 1L Martin & Marcus - the 7m circle

Marcus and the completed circle

DAY 2: Elizabeth cutting the first turf

Dave & Alex laying the ‘road’

Digger arrives

Moving part of car park fence

Removing the turf and topsoil

Removal of topsoil

Visit from Magic Dragon nursery

End of day 2

DAY 3: Sedimentary specimens
arrive at workshop

Starting the sedimentary climbing block

Callum working on sedimentary block

Marcus and Callum

Marcus and Callum again

Callum and coral corner

DAY 4: Site ready for scalpings

Jethro laying the scalpings

DAY 5: Jethro starting the crystalline block

Marcus and Jethro - cutting granite

Crystalline block progressing

Metamorphic ‘seat’

Jethro, Callum, Marcus & the crystalline block

Jethro with a fine detail