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Photo Gallery: Summer 2013

“Flying Saucer”
Photo & caption: Roger Bolton

Photos: Roger Bolton

“Rock ‘n’ Roll”
Photos & Caption: Roger Bolton

“Magic rocks which can move!”
Photo & caption: Roger Bolton

The Revels - Roger on the right
trying the rubbings

Elizabeth and Penny at the Revels

Revels, May 2013

Magic light?
Taken by Roger Bolton at 4.42 on 16th July

July 2013

Crystals, top of New Red Sandstone block

Rib fragment from bony fish c.210 million years old

Internal cast of sea snail c.150 million years old

Greensand iron nodule

Local bivalve c.160 million years old

Jurassic ammonite c.160 million years old

Rugose corals in tropical limestone
c.340 million years old

Side view of rugose coral c. 340 million years old

Mr. Hardyse - eyes of flint,
nose of chalk and hair of baryte!

Jurassic burrows into Carboniferous limestone.
The creatures were living in the Jurassic seas and burrowing into the limestone on the sea bed

Large feldspar crystals in granite

Anorthosite, blue labradorite feldspars

Slate house surrounded by volcanic lava

Shap granite - large feldspar crystals
in surrounding granite - two stages of cooling