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The Rock Circus is now a ‘Gym’ in the mobile game Pokémon Go  

There is now an Earthcache here!

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Rock Circus Descriptions
  • Interpretation Board
  • Publicity leaflet
  • Rocks - descriptions
  • Sedimentary climbing block
  • Crystalline climbing block
  • Dinosaur footprints
  • Fossil rubbings
  • Timeline - circle edge paint marks
  • QUIZ (KS3) (KS3 answers)
  • QUIZ (KS2) (KS2 answers)

Teaching ideas
Earth Science/Geography (KS1-3)

Rock Circus links:-
  • Funding
  • Acknowledgements
  • Plan of Rock Circus
  • Location
  • Why build the Rock Circus?
  • Teaching ideas
  • Construction team
  • Support Group
  • Photo Gallery

Geological links:-
  • Geology in the West Country
  • Bath Geological Society
  • Wiltshire Geology Group
  • Rockwatch - club for children
  • ECOS Stones, Frome

Earth Science Education:-
  • Earth Learning Idea
  • Earth Science Education Unit
  • Earth Science Teachers' Ass'n